Paints an Supplies

              We use the newest products availible from PPG industries which include Delfleet

                  Evolution,which is a high quality polyurathane fleet paint. Other PPG products we 

                  use are Deltron an automotive paint, Amershield an industrial paint which is used                            on offshore drilling rigs. And other high grade PPG paints and primers for the best

                  job we can do for you. The decal shop uses premium grade oracal solid color vinyl

                  for all the decals they make to insure you get the best and longest last decals                                      availible. We also use Dupont Axalta and Sherwin Williams products when a job

                  specificly calls for it.


                                     Trucks,Trailers & Chassis

                 From simple fiberglass repairs to major collion repairs,TFI is the place to go.

                 If your looking for the best work for the best price stop by for an estimate.


                 onsite sandblasting and painting of chassis frames using Amershield coatings 

                 will make your frame last and look great for a long time. And from small box 

                 trucks to 53' moving trailers,we can make that old grungy unit look brand new 

                 again at a resonable price. Or if you happen to have just a small sewer sucker                                     or a 6500 gal. tanker we can sandblast and repaint it for that factory new look. 

                 If you Have heavy equipment, not a problem. We have the space and expertise to work

                 on anything under 14' high and up to 60' long. We have worked on everyday dump 

                 trucks & dozers up to quarry dumps and locomotive frames. We also do service bodies 

                 with small cranes, bucket trucks and heavy duty cranes up to 100 ton. From our OEM 

         paints to indistrial coatings used on offshore drilling rigs,we have the paint and knowledge 

                 to make your equipment look great and last longer than the factory finish.








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